Greetings, Human! My name is 'Vyarldaap Bas Tsalnos'. I am one hundred and seventeen cycles in age. On the fourth planet circling Zeta Reticulli, I am an eleventh circle Substance Transformer, responsible for biosystems development and lifeform integration on the upper third of the planet. I have three wives, and twenty-seven children, all of them who are....

Whoops: Wrong Dimension. Gosh, I'm so sorry.. My bad! Let's start this over again, shall we?

Greetings, Human! My name (albeit a pen name, an online tag) is 'Andurant Krinn'. I am fifty-four years old. I live in the New Haven, Connecticut area. By day, I am a Senior Software Developer and Analyst. By night, I am a virtual world resident, an unpublished author, poet, and novelist. I am married to a very lovely and very capable person and life partner, 'Annaree'. I have six children of varying ages, careers, capabilities, and temperments

Why did I name this website 'An Infinite Voyage'? Though the above first paragraph is, by large, an attempt at tongue-in-cheek humour, it is also a minor expression of something I learned a very long time ago, that this website and my various writings and musings are dedicating to spreading: We are all MORE than what we appear to be, here in this three dimensional 'Virtual Reality' world we call 'Earth'. Life is a series of 'Nows', like pages in a book, shown to us one at a time. You are currently reading one page as you make your own sojourn through this 'Infinite Voyage'. It is not your first page, nor is it your last.

The sections below will tell you a bit more about the website Author, his life, his career, and his Family. Should you have questions, comments, criticisms, suggestions, or insults about the website that you would like to share, please feel free to use the 'Contact the Author' page and share them with me!