Name withheld




A versatile and resourceful Programmer / Analyst specializing in networked PC and Internet applications. Over twenty-seven (27) years of experience in software and Internet system design, development, and implementation.


Technical Overview


Proficient and skilled in a wide array of application development environments including:


C# .NET 3.5, VB.NET 2.0 and 1.1, ADO.NET 2.0 and 1.1, ASP.NET 1.1, XML and XSLT, Microsoft SQL 2000 (ISQL and Enterprise Manager), Intersystems Ensemble Cache v2009, Microsoft Access 2002, Microsoft SQL Reports (Client, 2003), Crystal Reports v8, v9, and .NET, Actuate Report Designer Professional v6, Actuate Report Server v6, Visual Basic v3.0 through v6.0, ASP, Cold Fusion, HTML, Javascript/Jscript, vbscript, Borland Objectvision Pascal, Turbo Pascal, Business Basic (BBX), Microsoft Basic v5.35 - v6.00


Experienced in application development applications on operating systems running:


Microsoft Internet Server

Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98 and NT

Sun Unix




Maintain development expertise and knowledge of multiple DBMS including:



Sybase SQL

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Access

Intersystems Ensemble Cache


Trained and thoroughly practiced in Project Life Cycle software development techniques.


Proficient in complete vertical software system application design from feasibility studies, project assessment and scope development, through functional design and documentation. Capable of constructing detailed graphical programmer specification documents as standard practice.


Versatile and resourceful researcher, problem solver and thought leader.



Source Medical Solutions, Inc

CEO: George L. McTavish

March, 2009 to Present

Senior Software Developer


-       Key Developer for the Vision Electronic Health Records (EHR) application for the Vision 3.1 Ambulatory Surgical Center and Vision 4.1 Specialty Hospital Systems.

-       Retooled and redesigned Vision Electronic Chart Printing application; employing new footnotes page insertion capability to handle table-based data overflow.

-       Retooled and developed Vision EHR Chart Manager Application to enhance chart loading performance drastically by tracking all sections, pages in a chart but only compiling and instancing the first immediately required page.

-       Designed and developed key Vision EHR signature user controls, both image-based and electronic only, for use in other EHR chart pages and windows.

-       Designed and implemented key core functionality in the Vision Electronic Health Records (EHR) application that allowed extended chart pages to communicate with base Vision system and trigger out of application scope UI control locking.

-       Designed and developed key UI entry mechanism of Lab Results information within the Vision Electronic Health Records (EHR) application for use with their certified Health Information Exchange (HIE) system.

-       Developed many data class structures, web methods, and queries using Intersystems Ensemble Cache v2009 for use with the Vision 4.1 Specialty Hospital System.


Connolly Consulting, Incorporated

CEO: Larry Connolly

April, 2002 to February, 2009

Senior Software Developer


-      Prototyped, designed and developed a .NET 2.0 client application that, communicating with a .NET 2.0 web service, processes health care related diagnostic and treatment billing information for the purpose of isolating and locating overcharges and mistaken billings for recovery auditing purposes using the Ingenix EasyGroup Web Service.

-      Designed and developed a .NET 2.0 based scripting class library that allows other applications to provide dynamic .NET "per transaction" persistent code scripting and compiling capabilities within their own processes.

-      Developed extensive image processing applications in both ASP.NET 1.1 and VB.NET 2.0, including an application used to automatically convert image files to multiple-page TIF files and route them into a massive directory-node structure by means of bar-coded "worksheets".

-      Developed and drafted in-company quality control procedural documents and procedures, including extensive regression, stress, and functional progression based testing methods.

-      Designed and programmed multiple ASP.NET pages and components for use on a company intranet web-based reporting system in ASP.NET 1.1.

-      Designed and developed fully functional Client/Server-based transactional application for the central storage and reporting of multiple transactional XML files gathered from numerous windows-based applications. The architecture used both dynamic and batch-based transactional updating using an ASP.NET Web Service working in conjunction with a SQL Server data store.

-      Designed, Coded, and developed Microsoft SQL Reports, Crystal Report and Actuate Report Designer applications.

-      Coded object-oriented utility and tool classes for inheritance by other applications.

-      Developed Desktop monitoring applications using Windows-based remote performance monitoring tools.

-      Developed SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedures, user-defined functions, triggers and views, integrating them, using ADO.NET dataset objects, with .NET desktop, service, and client/server applications.

-      Developed several release quality installation packages using both the Windows MSIE Installer supplied with Visual Studio and .NET and InstallShield Express.

-      Performed development of web-based XML/XSL transform pages using an ASP framework as part of an online intranet Accounts Payable and Data Recovery Reporting System.


New Net Companies, Inc (parent company of Applied Management Systems, Inc)

CEO: Larry Schwartz

March, 2000 to January, 2002

Senior Programmer/Analyst and Internet Consultant


-       Designed, programmed, and implemented web-based BackOffice Management system for

-       Designed, programmed, and implemented a web-based dynamic Credit Card Validation system for use in the BackOffice System, using a third-party validation service.

-       Designed and programmed Dynamic to Static Content Generation server processes for use on the site.

-       Programmed and maintained a Java-based server application that performed batch credit card validation of transactions garnished from the and sites, using configurable third party validation services.

-       Programmed individual web-based information retrieval pages for the site


Applied Management Systems, Inc

CEO: Ross Kudwitt

Dec, 1988 to March, 2000



-       Served as Project Leader and Head Programmer for development of a commercial windows-based version of Quantra Skyline Property Management System as a third-party developer. The system was developed in windows with various technologies, but relied on a background DOS session of the original Skyline software for data entry and retrieval. The application used inter-program communication schemes and background session screen scraping for the entry and retrieval of data.

-       Served as Project Leader and Head Programmer for development of a commercial windows-based version of Great Plains Accounting Software (GPS) known as PowerPlains. The system was developed in windows with various technologies and replaced major GPS dos-based maintenance programs with windows version, but relied on inter-program communication and "screen scraping" techniques to enable the windows application to display reports that were based on the DOS application behind the scenes.

-       Researched, designed, and programmed a custom "Terminal and Stay Resident (TSR)" Application module manager. This application allowed users of Applied Management Systems GPS add-on products to use several apparent "TSR" products at the same time; swapping portions of GPS code and data in and out of live memory as needed to allow the custom applications to function in only 70k of actual system memory.

-       Designed and programmed an inter-program communication application, used in conjunction with the above mentioned TSR application manager that allowed for the storage and quick retrieval of add-on application variables by means of a common memory buffer.

-       Programmed and assisted in the design of a complete business basic (BBX) custom Health care management system as a third-party developer for the Health Resources, Inc. company of Cromwell, Connecticut.

-       Programmed several customized add-on products for use with the Open Systems Accounting Software application for several Fortune 500 and other companies, including U.S Tobacco (several divisions), American Express, Yale University Dining Hall, and others.


Integral Computer Systems, Inc.

CEO: Shyamal K. Ganguly

May, 1984 to October, 1988

Senior Programmer


-       Served as Project Leader and Head Programmer for the Computerized Accounts Payable and Payroll (CAPPS) system used by School boards and Education Departments across New England for the management and maintenance of school expenses and teacher salaries.

-       Programmed several applications for the Financial Management System (FMS) application used by several East Coast companies for processing of their accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions.

-       Programmed several applications for the Student Management System (SMS) used by School boards and Education Departments across New England for the management and maintenance of student and school academic information.

-       Programmed several applications for the Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system used by many companies for Materials Resource Planning (MRP) and Bill of Material (BOM) processing in an industrial environment.




Connecticut Data Processing Institute, Inc (CDPI)

January, 1983 through July, 1983


-       Instructed in the COBOL programming language, CICS, JCL, and structured programming development techniques by a popular New York and New England IBM System 370 Insurance Company consultant, Mr. Vincent Zujuwski. Classes included remote development via TSO to the central IBM System 370 mainframe computer located in the offices of the Hartford National Bank of Connecticut. Training centered around the design, development, and creation of a simulated Electronic Funds Transfer System (EFTS)


University Of Connecticut at Storrs, CT (UCONN)

September, 1975 through January, 1976


-       Enrolled as liberal arts major with the intention of eventually switching to journalism major at a different school. I left the program after the first semester due to financial hardships.


Killingly High School at Danielson, CT (KHS)

September, 1971 through June, 1975


-       Enrolled as a College Preparatory student, including college level and credit-granted programs such as College History and College English. I completed my studies with an eighty-nine (89) percentile grade ranking.


Personal Accomplishments

May, 1984 through present


-       Awarded the 2007 "Customer Service" award and Letter of Commendation from Connolly Consulting, Inc. CEO Larry Connolly for delivering exemplary customer service and performing time-critical utility software development for company data analysts.

-       Awarded the 2006 "Going the Extra Mile" award from Connolly Consulting, Inc. for serving as Project Lead for their ClaimsPlus application and delivering a finished, usable application in five months time.

-       Learned C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, and ADO.NET technology on the job with the assistance of Visual Studio and MSDN documentation. I have been developing working .NET applications since its release in 2002

-       Awarded a certificate in July, 1998 for completion of Object Designs Java Programming with ObjectStore course.

-       Awarded a certificate in July 1998 for completion of Object Designs Object Oriented Database Design course.