Ann Marie  Though I am the King of my castle, the High Emperor (H.E.) of my domain, this lovely lady is the Supreme High Emperess (S.H.E.) of the Family and often outranks me! For thirty-five years now, she has been my rock, my foundation: a loving yet determined, forceful woman, when needs be; simple yet amazingly intuitive. She is steady when I am not, Strong when I am weak, and full of Faith whenever I doubt. I shudder to think of how my life may have turned out, had she not walked into my heart, so very long ago...
Patricia  My firstborn, and ever since, when she's given the freedom to achieve, she is the one who persistently strives to obtain her goals, both simple and grand. Patty is a wonderful mix of qualites that can both hinder and help. She is quiet, but often too quiet, eager to speak her mind but hesitant to speak out when she should. With an impish smile and a wonderful sense of humour, she can light up a room when she is relaxed and happy. Yet, when she is opposite to you, even a single glance from those dark eyes can stop a person cold in their tracks.
Nathan  Nathan is the warrior of the Family. From a very early age, he loved sports and competition, especially wrestling. One of my favorite memories of his childhood was mimicking TV wrestling with him and body slamming his tiny frame (albeit gently) into the lawn! He is a proud former member of the U.S. Marines, and today is a respected and quite capable wrestling coach. His one strength in life is also his greatest weakness: He is quick to take charge and tackle any challenge, but often bears too much of the weight of the World on his strong shoulders. He is a man of great compassion and emotion, but often hides it deep within himself, seeing it as an evidence of weakness, not strength.
Angela  Into each life some rain must fall they say, and if that be so, then Angela is that rain. Born prematurely at home and suffering from a severe prenatal bout of pneumonia, she sadly passed the veil just two hours after her birth. Her loss was a devastating blow to our young Family, and the vacuum created by her transition out of this World saddens us still. Yet, even in the short span of her existence, she has brought healing to this Family. She has taught us, through her misfortune, the precious value of our remaining children. She has become the cement that has glued this Family together for three and a half decades. She is the advance scout of our tribe, forging on ahead to clear a path for us all, out of this World and into the next one...
Jason  From an early age, Jason has always been motivated to succeed financially so that he could reach out and assist those around him. A successful customer support and systems technician at a local cable company and internet provider, Jason scratched and clawed his way through college, driven more by sheer determination than any other factor. Motivated by an insatiable desire to help others, both friends and family, his one downside is that he often neglects his own needs because of his various causes. He is quick to lend support and aid to those around him, even if, in the process, he denies his own needs and goals in the process.
Christopher  Chris is the most stoic, the most reserved of my Family, often caught up in his own thoughts, actions, and withdrawn from what's happening around him. Yet, when he notices something out of whack, he becomes the protester of the Family. He has a keen, sharp eye to injustice and won't mince words to point it out, often loudly! He is methodical to a fault, slow to react, and often very stubborn in his actions and outlook. But with Chris in your corner, you have a faithful, dedicated and reliable ally who will stand shoulder to shoulder with you through nearly any situation. Draw him from his heavily fortified shell, and you may find you have a friend for life.
Rebecca  If Ann is the Supreme High Emperess of the Family, then Bekka is the Princess! She is a high-spirited, fun-loving, often pixie-like soul with a wonderful sense of humour and a delightful, almost child-like curiousity of the World around her. Time and again, she has overcome obstacles in her life that would have ruined the average person and grabbed at every opportunity that came her way. She can be quite moody at times, however, and she is not skilled at diplomacy, or controlling either her tongue or her emotions. She is a free-speaker, a free-talker, and a free-thinker: often to her own benefit but occassionally to her own misfortune.