To those of you visiting this website for the first time, Welcome to 'An Infinite Voyage'

If you are familiar with the original website, you may notice that things have changed since your last visit: the website has expanded! Is it the Big Bang to blame, Cosmic expansion, Curious Quarks, or runaway evolution?

None of the above. Originally a centerpiece for my poetry, I have decided to expand the website to become more of a personal 'portal' for all my various poems, short stories, novels, photographs, music, and other bizarre ramblings. Welcome to 'An Infinite Voyage', the online library and storage bin of all things related to 'Andurant Krinn'!

Use the menu on the left-hand side to navigate your way through the site. When visiting a page, you can select from the available child pages displayed on the bottom of each page. Once on a page, you can return back to a previous page by clicking on one of the 'bread crumb' navigation links displayed to the upper right hand corner of each page.

Enjoy the website!

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  • Various Musings - The Author's Personal Blog, Forum, Dedications, and other Bizarre Theories
  • Online Games - Virtual Reality and Online Roleplaying Games the Author has known and loved

Ceylo Krinn