Yes, I play games: Online Roleplaying and Virtual Reality World games

Consider this quote: "There are at least two kinds of games. One would be called finite, the other infinite. A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, and an infinite game is played for the purpose of continuing to play. The rules of a finite game may not change; the rules of an infinite game must... The finite game player aims to win eternal life; the infinite player aims for eternal birth." - James P. Carse, as quoted by Dale LeFevre

I play to aim for eternal birth. The one overriding consideration when I chose this as a hobby was that online games and virtual worlds provide an excellent platform or laboratory for experimenting with different types of characters. I can create them far, far different from the 'real' me, put them into situations and environments I would never have half a chance at experiencing, and see both where they go and how they develop.

In addition, these experimental characters provide an interesting way to test reactions with other characters, as well. Virtual worlds and online games provide access to people from all over the globe and from cultures vastly removed from my own. When placed into the scene of a story, a game, or an adventure, these differences often prove to be very enlightening, not only to the nature of the other person, but to my own inner nature and motivations, as well. In the end, this is the stuff that feeds the Muse of most writers.

Past Games describes my time in various virtual environments that, for one reason or another, I am no longer actively involved in. Current Games provides the same discussion, only dealing with environments that I am still actively involved in.