The online roleplaying games listed below are those that I have enjoyed in past times. My time, however, is limited: Both times and software change, interests shift in different directions, and newer opportunites take the glitter and lustre from old ones. So the games listed below, though excellent programs in their own right, no longer occupy my time on a regular basis.

Some of the descriptive text below is taken from the various websites of the games. Click the linked name of the game to visit the game's home website in a new browser window or tab. Select the child page links at the bottom to read my own thoughts on each of the games.

Dark Age Of Camelot is a fantasy/medieval based game that takes place about ten years after King Arthur's death. The forces held so long at bay by the legendary king are now pressing on the boarders of Albion, the home of the Britons. Camelot is still a thriving and vibrant capital, but it is starting to show signs of decay. The border zones of Albion are being threatened by the barbarous Norse, who live in the far north icy wastelands of Midgard, and by the magical Celts, who live on the western island of Hibernia.The Norse and Celts, long held back by the strong Briton kingdom, are sensing that their time is finally nigh - perhaps this is the time to press home their dream of expanding into, and finally crushing, Arthur's hated Realm.

In Guild Wars, you play as a hero from Ascalon, your typical fantasy province that's fallen on hard times, thanks to relentless assaults from fearsome creatures called the charr. Ascalon seems huge and wondrous as you begin to explore it and its outskirts. But it turns out to be literally just a tiny portion of the richly detailed and shockingly gigantic world of Tyria, which you'll explore during the course of an adventure that's truly epic.

Lord of the Rings Online immerses you in Middle-earth, the greatest fantasy world ever created, now brought to stunning life. The War of the Ring is spreading across Middle-earth, and as the Company of the Ring embarks on its journey, the call has gone out for Heroes among all the Free Peoples. But the story you know is only the beginning. Your own epic quests will write a new legend of Middle-earth as you rise to safeguard the Company of the Ring and preserve hope among the Free Peoples. As you grow in power, ever-more deadly minions of the dread Sauron will seek your doom and fight to keep the Company of the Ring from its goal.

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  • Lord Of The Rings - Lord Of The Rings, or 'How to make an Elf really REALLY Ugly...'