Everyone loves multimedia! Don't they?

I am no exception. The pages shown below contain a series of photographs, movies, and music files made by myself and other key people in my life that I think you'll enjoy. I've chosen ones that are central to my 'story' in this virtual world we call 'Reality'. A few of them are mine, many others are from friends and relatives.

The Photography page provides you with an album-like display of key photographs and screen shots taken from both my real life and from my life and adventures in various online virtual worlds and role-playing games. Sometimes, it is our characters who can demonstrate the most revealing facets of our own existence...

The Movies page contains both real life and machinama productions that I and my daughter (a very talented soul in her own right) have produced over the years. The music video produced with the 'Sims 2' game is of marginal quality; I've kept the display size as small as possible to make that presentable here.

The Music page may appear, at first glance, to be amazingly empty. It only contains a few key recordings produced by myself and certain others. Stay tuned, however: I plan on adding more pieces into this section in the near future.

  • Photography - Photographs and Screen Shots from various dimensions...
  • Movies - Movies, Machina, and other such nonsense!
  • Music - Music Files of varying and unknown quality