Music! it soothes the savage beast, they say. Well.. sometimes. Trust me, I have children: It doesn't always work that way...

Click the 'Play' button to the left of each composition title to play that particular piece. Click the 'Stop' button to halt the music in mid-stream. If the song finishes and you want to restart it, click 'Stop', and then 'Play' again.

Yes, it's entirely possible to play more than one song at a time. Being the traditional non-conformist and all around chaotic guy that I am, I opted to leave it that way! But seriously: why would you want to?

Medieval (Shane Turner) - The background MIDI track of the original Ceylo Krinn website
Evening In The Stars (Shane Turner) - The background MIDI track of the Infinite Voyage Poetry website
Since I Fell For You (Unknown) - The background MIDI track of the FIRST Infinite Voyage Poetry website
You Are so Beautiful (Andurant Krinn) - This is the musical track of the animation in 'Movies' of the same name

All Background MIDI compositions, unless otherwise stated, are courtesy of Shane Turner