You Are So Beautiful (Andurant Krinn)

This movie was filmed in the virtual world of Second Life and features my Avatar, Andrew Gorham. The subject of this movie is a very beautiful, wonderful past friend - one who I am, sadly, no longer in contact with. She remains, however, a huge part of my life, both past and present, in a very special way, and I would be remiss to her memory if i did not include this piece here.

Mrs. Krinn's 30th Anniversary (Keith Urban)

A special gift to the lovely Mrs. Krinn on our 30th Wedding Anniversary, this movie is a photo montage that I choreographed and arranged to the tune of Country star Keith Urban's hit song, "Making Memories Of Us". Note how I've tried to arrange the photos in such a way that they relate to the words being sung as they are displayed. This piece is about five years old, now: the quality isn't anywhere near what I'd like it to be, but its still a very special, memorable film to me.

Someday When I Stop Loving You (Rebecca Stadig)

This video is a filmed performance of my daughter, Rebecca Stadig, performing onstage for 'Students Against Destructive Decisions' at her local High School. Currently, she is a student at the Dean College for the Performing Arts, in Massachussetts. Rebecca has been performing on stage for six years now. She has a great low range voice, but struggles with stage presence and confidence, at times. With time and experience, her songs will improve even more, we're quite sure.

Chain of Command (Metallica)

My first of two movies filmed with the 'Sims 2' game application, this one is inspired by my times as a Senior Software Developer at Connolly, Inc of Wilton, CT. The basic premise is to show the controlled chaos that can occur when trouble breaks out and resolution of the problem starts to drift up the 'Chain of Command'. Each character in this movie is a faithful representation of an actual co-worker in Connolly Development or a member of upper management. Pay special attention to the movie ending credits and you'll see a before-after representation of each of them. This is my largest movie, it may take awhile to load, so be patient: It's well worth the wait! See if you can tell which of the movie characters is a representation of the site Author...

Listen To Your Heart (Rebecca Stadig)

Filmed as part of my daughter's Recording II class in High School, this video shows her best performance to date. Her vocal quality improves, every time she produces a song and presents it on stage. With the help of Dean College and a bit of determination on her part, she may yet become that performer we've always hoped she would be.

Light On (Transparent Proxy)

This was a fun project, producing this video! 'Transparent Proxy' is a name of a fictional home-brew rock band, generated in the video game 'Sims 2' by myself and my very talented daughter. This video is their premier production. The song, of course, isn't theirs: We used a copy of David Cook's "Light On" and matched the story, animations, and theme to the track. Small display, due to limitations in the Sims 2 animation architecture.

Beckinfield (Andurant Krinn)

This link will bring you to Andurant Krinn's character page for the online Interactive Video series 'Beckinfield'. Use the 'Recent Videos' feature to see each episode. Watch them from last to first to view them in chronological order. Sadly, the 'Beckinfield' series has largely drawn to a close, though it's still possible to upload new episodes.

The Edge of Sanity (Andurant Krinn)

But after 'Beckinfield' ended, a NEW Interactive Video webseries was born: 'The Edge of Sanity'! In this series, I play a somewhat narcissistic and self-absorbed psychiatrist at a West Virginia insane asylum...