Photography: A hobby of mine... Sort of...

Don't get me wrong: I am, by no means, a professional photographer, or even a hobbyist. However, I love taking and collecting photographs, both real-life ones and screen shots from various virtual reality worlds and games that I am involved in. The sections below will demonstrate some of my better photos that I've taken and collected. They tend to be 'people' shots; illustrative scenes, if you will, that show some key event in a special light.

The Dark Age Of Camelot screen shots highlight the character of Ceylo Krinn, the central fictional character of my last novel and the short stories displayed on this website. Reading some of those stories before viewing these might help you get a better grasp on the nature of the violent but confused young mercenary.

The Real Life photos highlight my Family, and some special moments in our recent past.

The Second Life photos primarily show my avatar Andrew Gorham in certain key moments from his recent past. He is an interesting character, respected by most but haunted by one disastrous friendship that went seriously wrong after three incredible years in that virtual world. Look carefully and you may spot a few other avatars in the photos that have greatly influenced him, for both better and worse.

  • DAOC - Screen Shots from the distant past: 'Dark Age Of Camelot' Photos
  • Real Life - Photos From the virtual world known as 'Reality'
  • Second Life - Photos From the virtual world of 'Second Life'