This is probably the most eccentric section of this website!

'Various Musings' is a place I've setup to provide more free-form, more 'off-center' musings, thoughts, and conjectures. It's a place where I can rant, theorize, and conjecture to my heart's content and where my audience (all three of you) can comment back on my bizarre theories, the website, and its various features

We start off with my Personal Blog, updated frequently. This is my podium; the place where I can, extemporaneously, spout off on any incident, happening, or passing thought or emotion that I choose. Some of it maybe thought provoking. Some may be interesting. Much will, no doubt, prove to be a good 'sleep aid' for those of you who suffer (like I do) from insomnia...

The Forum is presented mostly to provide the website reader with a way to critique, comment, discuss, disagree, or generally flame a particular website function, poem, short story, novel, or page topic. Use it well, and use it often, my friends.

The Favorite Quotes place is a simple bulleted and attributed list of various quotations I have found that have proven useful, helpful, or meaningful to me in some way.

The Hall of Fame is a serious offering. On this page, I list and briefly discuss several people in my life, both real and online, that have had a powerful impact on my life, my viewpoints, and my direction. These are the people who have proven themselves special, in some significant way: They've changed my course, mid-stream, as I've navigated the waters of my own personal 'Infinite Voyage'.

The Various Theories page is a place where I can speak on certain personal philosophies and beliefs, both factual and fanciful. It should prove to both an intimate and a revealing read to you; it is a peek into the inner corners of my soul, both Light and Dark.

  • Personal Blog - Read the Author's Personal Blog, full of wit, wisdom, and other meaningless musings
  • Forum - The Message Board of 'An Infinite Voyage'. Visit, Post, and Critique
  • Quotes - Favorite Quotes that I have come to know, love, and to laugh about!
  • Hall Of Fame - The 'Hall Of Fame': A tribute to key people in the Author's life
  • Various Theories - Theories, Musing, Suspicions, and other Hallucinations