NOTHING to do about Marriage  (06/27/2015)

NOTHING to do about Marriage

Picture this, people....

You're convicted, unfairly and against ALL evidence, of a capital crime.The judge, at sentencing, decides to 'show you mercy', so he allows you and your family to vote and CHOOSE your executioner, from a pool of about ten killers.

Your family confers, votes, and chooses your executioner. You celebrate greatly; The opportunity to vote for your killer 'proves' that 'democracy reigns supreme'

And then you're EXECUTED.

This isn't freedom.Why do so many people have difficulty seeing this? Nearly every facebook friend or associate I have would be waving their tiny little flags, to celebrate their 'freedom'

And then they'd be executed....

Sad, really. Thank God this little exercise is only hypothetical. Or is it? Time will tell.....

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