Christmas at the Krinns  (12/25/2012)

You can't BUY this....

These are people, related in blood, mind, and spirit, gathered together in communion with each other and their lives. These are people who gave of themselves for the celebration of all. These are people both well to do and poor, both young and old, both healthy and ill, who find MORE value in the company of their loved ones than in their own situations.

These aren't bullet points on a resume. These aren't line items on an invoice, or assets on a financial statement. You can't "trade" one of these in for a new car, or "mortgage" them to offset the cost of some silly vacation in the caribbean. You can't crack a whip over these fine people and make them behave like trained monkeys for your own narcissitic pleasure.

These are PEOPLE. This is FAMILY.

And if you think you can threaten, cajole, bargain, or BUY you way into this wonderful group of people, then you will NEVER sit at THIS table... ever.

Celebrate these holidays with your family; spread a tiny spark of joy and love around those who care for you, and you for them. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, in your life will heal, thrive, or grow until you put aside your petty whimperings, your childish whinings, and your obession with all things edible and do so on your own....

THIS is family.

This IS family

This is FAMILY!

Merry Christmas to all with love, not hate, in their lives... from the Stadigs of East Haven, Connecticut

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Christmas at the Krinns
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