Our Love Is EVIL  (08/04/2012)

I was told recently, through an intermediary, that the wonderful, always blossoming, rich and beautiful love that I've enjoyed with the Beautiful Ms. Krinn for the last thirty-six years is EVIL, and of the DEVIL.

The man bearing that message to my family , a self-professed 'born again, washed in the blood of the lamb' christian, says that "Jesus Loves Me, and that He DIED for me", and that as a christian, he is led of the 'SPIRIT' to show me the wickedness and abject EVIL of my ways, in hopes that I will see the 'Light' and change my ways.

And what is this great EVIL?

I am now a 'bad influence' on his family. Apparently, by "Christian" standards, I Love my wife TOO MUCH.

One: I don't regularly attend church (more specifically, HIS church). He notes that there are NO couples in HIS church who've had anywhere near the success in their relationships as Ms. Krinn and I have enjoyed. Most of them are one or two time losers; some of them are openly living out of wedlock with their partners.

But since THOSE people go to church and I do not, then the apparent success of MY relationship just simply HAS to be Evil; inspired by Satan himself. If I was 'righteous' as THEY are, then my marriage would resemble the pathetic failure of THEIRS.

Two: Ms. Krinn and I are openly AFFECTIONATE to one another in public. We hold hands, we kiss. We shop together, pay bills together, do things together and, God Forbid, we actually SLEEP together. Well, once again, I'm a SINNER, and those CHRISTIANS in THIS man's church are NEVER affectionate to one another. Most of the time, they're openly cold and HOSTILE to each other. In the worst cases, the two partners are not even equal; the wife is SUBSERVIENT to the husband in all aspects of her life.

But since THEY'RE in church and I am NOT, then by definition, what THEY do must be NORMAL and what Ms. Krinn and I do must be ABHORRENT and EVIL.

So now we are considered a bad INFLUENCE on this man's family and we are openly asked to stay away. That way, his children won't be CORRUPTED by the wonderful love that Ms. Krinn and I enjoy. That way, they can grow up to be 'properly' taught to be subservient to their partners, as those OTHER people (the church-going) ones are.

They won't grow up 'corrupted' by the "EVIL" concepts of Empathy, Trust, Compassion, Romance and Love like we are. Instead, they'll grow up emulating their "Christian" parents, as God always intended: they'll be cruel to their parents, harsh, unforgiving, and hostile to their contemporaries, and eventually unfaithful to their own spouses.

Praise God!!!

And now, dear reader, you know the REAL reason that I am PAGAN. The so-called "God" this man claims to serve once said that you can always tell a BAD TREE, because its FRUIT turns out rotten. Well.. the fruit of THAT tree is rotten, indeed, and I refuse to eat of it....

How sad. How completely, unbelievably SAD, that in these modern times there are still people SO deluded like this that they would cut off their own hand out of simple spite, just so they can feel 'warm and fuzzy' about their own shortcomings and failures...

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Our Love Is EVIL
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