The Olive Branch  (03/31/2013)

A man estranged from his son walked back from shopping one afternoon. Once off the main street, he turned into a side road to head home. He is surprised to spot his son across the road, some three hundred feet away. His son holds out his hands in a pleading gesture.

"Dad..." shouts the son, "We need to make amends; find common ground and move past this argument! Let's resolve our differences!"

The father, encouraged, begins to cross the road to speak to him. But suddenly, the lad pulls out a revolver from his coat, raises it towards his father, and fires off two quick shots. The father ducks down behind a car and, thankfully, both shots miss. After a few brief seconds more hiding behind the car, he quickly turns and runs back towards the main road and away from his angry son.

"DAD!" screams the son, "Wait! I'm offering you an olive branch! I want to end this argument! Why are you running away?"

The father keeps running but cries out, back over his shoulder.

"Sorry, son... but those two new bullets you just shot at me make me seriously doubt your sincerity...."

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