Things I Would Like To See  (10/06/2012)

Here is a brief list of some things I would LIKE to see but never WILL:

  • World Peace
  • A Designer Medicine that WON'T kill me and cost $1700 a month
  • A Utility Company that pays ME to use their service
  • Hillary Clinton receiving a botox injection
  • A Boston Red Sox Manager who DOESN'T have a last name that sounds like a gangster's
  • Jevohah Witnesses who call first to make an appointment to come to my house
  • Children who are seen but NOT heard
  • A facebook photo of someone's quite adorable but recently DECEASED pet
  • A 'Second Life' dance club hostess who ISN'T middle-aged, ISN'T disgustingly fat, ISN'T still living at home with Momma, ISN'T suffering from a severe case of rhinofungus, and who ISN'T a secret collector of mutilated teddy bears
  • President Obama fulfill just ONE of his campaign pledges (Come on.. just ONE.. how hard can it be?)
  • 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest choking on a throat lozenge on camera
  • The Singer 'Adele' performing a HAPPY song; one that doesn't give me the irrational urge to gouge out my own eardrums
  • Presidential candidate Mitt Romney giving a public speach WITHOUT seventeen ounces of grease in his hair
  • Nicole Scherzinger (of the PussyCat Dolls) perform a concert in the nude
  • A Video Game titled 'Call Of Duty: The OFFICE Edition'

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