How Many Humans On Earth

Here, we begin to wax a bit speculative. The following premise is theory, on my part, but one that I firmly believe is backed up quite strongly by common sense, logic, and observational evidence, if we are only open to turn away from ancient traditions and set our gaze in a different direction, for once.

Answer the above question, in your mind: How many Humans are there on Earth? According to United Nation types paid to track this sort of thing, the answer is seven billion people. That's seven billion three-dimensional people. But what if, as I have postulated elsewhere on this website, that each of us is far MORE than the typical three dimensional construct that we see in the mirror each morning?

My thought on the question: There is only ONE human living on Earth. That's right, only one.

This one creature, of course, exists across many dimensions, not just the three that we are accustomed to. This creature spans across multiple dimensions, and operates independantly of all of them. However, a need existed, a very long time ago, from our perspective, to experience life within the three-dimensional realm with all its perspectives. So Human (for lack of a better name) created the physical world, much like a software engineer today would create a virtual world.

Now, this world was, by design, very limited from its perspective. Time became relevant, as well as Space. The Human knew that its existence within this world would be limited by Entropy, the principle that all objects, if left to their own devices, eventually decay and transform back to base elements.

So it wasn't feasible to experience this new simulation as just one singular entity; the 'avatar' of that entity would terminate long before the creature could experience this three-dimensional stage in all its aspects. To help with that, the Human decided to create MANY avatars, each of them an extension of itself, only limited to the dimensions that allowed existence and interaction within the stage (the three dimensional universe) already set.

Taking this tact introduced some marvelous new experiments into the mix, as well: Now, the Human could experience group dynamics, cooperation or confrontration, and a whole hoste of communicative and emotional variations! Community and Interpersonal relationships were born. Human was no longer alone on the planet.

To make the model self-sustaining, these mutliple avatars, as a result of their interrelations, could also create additional avatars, over time. This solved the problem of Entropy quite nicely, at least within three dimensions: Each avatar could pass on key ingredients of its own makeup and programming to its descendants. Plus, this new relationship, between Parent and Child, introduced a whole new range of variables into this social experiment that would mitigate and modify circumstances already set into motion in other areas, such as communication, social systems, and even base questions such as economics and commerce.

Some drawbacks to the system existed and had to be handled: To avoid diluting the Human's ability to 'experience' this new virtual reality, he had to limit the instinctive knowledge of each avatar to the levels that existed above him, in higher dimensions. Otherwise, a new experience wouldn't be so 'new' when it was experienced, and the avatar wouldn't react uniquely based on its own location, situation, societal restrictions, knowledge, and perspective as the Human desired.

Human didn't want to just see a tree: Human wanted to experience the tree from both the left AND the right, from above AND below, as male AND female, young OR old, adult OR child; during times of peace AND war, individually OR as a member of a larger social group. Human knew that to truly understand an object in this system (or any system, for that matter, higher OR lower), it had to be experienced, sensed, felt, understood from a VARIETY of perspectives, contexts, and situations.

When an avatar finally terminated, due to Entropy, there was no real loss: The accumulated experience, perspective, knowledge, and preferences of that avatar would remain and be preserved: Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed in substantive nature. Log your character out of a game like 'The Sims 3', and the character still exists, its just not walking around in its tiny little pixelated house for the time being...

I could go on, with this theory, for pages, but I'll spare you. I think you get the idea. It's an interesting possibility, and one that answers a whole range of perplexing questions about the human experience as we understand it from within the confines of our temporary three dimensional restrictions.

Pyschic phenomena seem possible to you? In this system, such occurrences, though incredibly rare due to the neccessary blindness we have about our higher self portions, is completely logical now: Every person alive, avatars of this one Human, are connected. They are, in a sense, one and the same creature, with access, albeit limited to the same singular source of knowledge, perception, and understanding. It takes time, patience, and practice for one of these avatars to learn how to ACCESS this information, of course, due to the mentioned blindness, but it is entirely possible.

Just think of some of the bizarre, side-street facets of human experience that can easily be explained were this theory fact: Reincarnation, past lives, Deja Vu, even more 'concrete' aspects of human existence such as DNA and our genetic code (random characteristical programming, albeit biological), common invention (most inventions aren't created by one person, but appear across the globe all at once, inspiration received by many people), and other oddities.

This theory or not, we've already known that one of the biggest struggles in human existence is the battle to reconcile the desires of Self to the needs of community, both on a family, local, national, or global scale. If there is a basis for fact in this, and I believe there is, then that struggle becomes a whole lot less confusing and complex than it may now appear to be: We CAN be individuals, but yet at the same time, smaller pieces (cells, if you will) of a larger 'whole'.

The very thought of that makes war, hostility, crime, pride, arrogance, bigotry and a lot of other human 'faults' almost silly, doesn't it? When you strike down your neighbor and take his life, you're harming yourself. When you rob from him, you are denying yourself your OWN resources. When you interfere with his own social situations for selfish gain, then you are destroying your OWN family, in the process.

Sow corn, Harvest corn. Sow discord and Harvest discord. Everyone has noticed that trait in human experience, but few have been able to explain it, until now. The thought that we are more than just individual people but member cells of a more common, more global organism, goes a long way towards explaining that 'balancing' facet of our existence.

This is starting to sound similar to a few religious themes from across the ages, isn't it? Perhaps our Gods are simply a way to label the innate sense, we all have, that there is a 'larger self' somewhere connected to our paths through life.

And if any of this theory is true, then humankind, as we understand it, has a whole new realm of education to begin: We've become VERY talented at servicing the needs of the individual; our technology is slaved to that very concept. All our usual dreams, desires, goals, and ambitions are completely centered on the concept of 'self'.

But we are not just 'self': we are so much MORE than that. And that portion of our spiritual, mental, emotional, and intellectual development has, sadly, been severely hampered over the centuries. All the technology, politics, religion, or therapeutic training in the world won't balance that divide, or eliminate any major problem or issue that humans now experience.

Only when our 'self' technologies come into line with our 'social' ones, when our ability to breakdown the artificial walls that seemingly divide us all, will we, as a species, begin to advance again beyond the third dimension and into the higher ones.

We'd best hurry about that effort, else other, more ADVANCED species on this planet, such as the Dolphins, might just make that journey ahead of us! How sad would that be....

What? You believe that HUMANS are the highest form of intelligence and life on this planet, simply because they've learned to use tools and kill each other with such amazing skill?

Silly Human!