Lessons Learned

My daughter Bekka asked me recently to review one of her College Assignments, a brief article entitled 'Lessons Learned'. In this piece, she had to summarize some of the key things she had gone through in her first semester in college and what she had learned from them that would benefit her in the future.

Her piece was short, and well written. That's not why I'm discussing it here.

The theme of that article is why I'm presenting it here. It struck me as very significant that some of the various 'Lessons Learned' she had just gone through, I was ALSO experiencing in my own activities, both off and online. I found it wonderfully refreshing to discover that my daughter and I were possibly more 'in sync' with each other than I had ever thought possible.

And much as I wish my little girl didn't HAVE to learn these lessons, I also found a small measure of comfort in discovering that I hadn't gone through my own very similar trials alone. She had gone through her own personal variants of them, as well. Which means there may just be many OTHER people, within reading range of this article, that are also going through this.

If that be the case, then pull up a chair: Share, Learn, and Live with us, won't you? Learn a lesson that took my daughter one semester in College to learn, but took me THREE AND A HALF YEARS to learn: There are two types of people in this world; those that stay in neutral, forever and always looking out the back window, and those who are brave and foolish enough to throw their automobile into gear, turn away from the mistakes of the past, and slowly move FORWARD in their lives.

Move forward with us, if you are able. But don't expect my daughter and I to stay parked in neutral WITH you if you're not...

Lessons Learned In College

by Rebecca Stadig, 12/13/2011

Throughout my first semester of college I learned many things both academic and personal. I learned how to keep better track of my studies and how to beat procrastination with new study habits and time management to better my success for the future. I learned that many of the people in my life in past years aren't going to be there for the rest of my life and to not dwell on trivial things but to instead treat it as a lesson learned, and on top of it all not to let it stress myself out when I make a mistake. Without learning things like these, I wouldn't have been able to get this far in college, I needed to learn to worry about myself for once instead of everyone else.

When I first became a college student, I was in no way a good student. I used to put things off till the very last minute which proved to my disadvantage. In order to be a good student you need to be somewhat on top of your studies and I only recently have been doing better in my classes. What I learned was to take things one step at a time so procrastination doesn't get the better of me. Keeping a planner and having better study habits makes it so there is no possible way I can't know about an assignment or keep it to last minute. On top of that when I study for a test with a friend and use review sheets to quiz them it doesn't seem like work. It becomes more of a time to incorporate both studying and free time together so it's not as overwhelming to begin to work on.

One personal thing I learned this semester was that if I have a fall out with a friend or significant other, it's not the end of the world. Life still goes on without that person and that I couldn't dwell on it. People come and go in life but they leave footprints in your heart. You can't spend your life wishing you can do it all over again so you can keep that person in your life; dwelling on past mistakes isn't going to make you happy. In the story of your life, there is no eraser, you can't go back and change things that already happened. The past becomes a lesson learned and a memory you'll always remember.

Whenever I had a problem that I couldn't handle that fell apart in front of me I would get so upset that I would skip class, but that's not the way to live life. I am human, and so is everyone else and we all make mistakes that upset us, but that doesn't mean I can break down and stop living my life for me. I learned that it's impossible to keep everyone in your life happy with you. You're meant to live life to please yourself and nobody else. Dwelling on mistakes will make you sick because you're going to make a million more in your life time, nobody can live your life but you so why try to please them all? A saying my friend Stephanie from home lives by, "Fall down seven times, stand up eight" Is something I want to remember, because it's not the mistake made, it is how you recover from it and become a better person.

Without learning these lessons during my life this semester, I honestly would've fallen apart. Without my friends and family to help pick me off the ground and support me, I don't know what I would have done. These are lessons I want everyone to learn. I want people to be on top of their academics during college, and I want them to know that life goes on no matter what they're going through. You're better than you think you are, and you can't let life get you down, no matter how much you want to.

I have raised a very wise child, it would seem...