The Scenes Of Our Lives

Landscapers and Interior Designers have discovered unknowingly the secret of the universe: Each of us, an actor in the great drama of life, tend to adapt and conform to the scene and staging we set ourselves in.

Walk through a sunlight, peaceful meadow, and one tends to enjoy nature, smell the flowers, and be at peace.

Walk through a battlefield, and we tend to search for weapons, crawl through trenches, and shoot anything moving...

The lesson is plain enough, and quite practical: Surround yourselves with the good influences that you wish to emulate and become, and cast away the negative ones into a bottomless pit, never to return. Seek out happiness and fulfillment, and they will find you, easily enough.

It is a universal truth, unbend-able, that we WILL become similar to our surroundings. Crawl through mud, and you WILL become muddy: you have a ZERO chance of avoiding that. Walk through that field, and you WILL be lit by brilliant sunlight...

As a wise man once said, 'Cling to that which is GOOD, and avoid that which is EVIL".

AVOID that which is evil.

Avoid that which IS evil.

Very wise advice, that....