I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die. - Isaac Asimov

I love the above quote, and I can attest to its truth. In those times that I haven't written, for one reason or another, the urge always comes creeping back like some sludge-covered monster and pounces on me during the most unexpected times. Since very early childhood, I have been inscribing my thoughts, musings, stories, hallucinations and rants in one form or the other: Poetry, Short Stories, and at a much later age, full novels.

Poetry contains the complete contents of the original 'An Infinite Voyage' website - my romance poetry. The 'endless poem' is still available: read one poem and, when you're finished, click on a hyperlinked word in that poem to instantly display a poem on a related topic.

Short Stories contains the complete contents of the original 'Ceylo Krinn' website. The format of the section has been modified slightly, to accomodate the use and design of this new website, but all the stories are complete. The screen shots once presented on the original website are still available; check out the 'Media' option in the left hand menu to see them.

Novels contains three of my novels; two complete and one unfinished effort. You can read them directly off the website, though be aware that since I have plans to publish these in the near future, only the first two-thirds of each manuscript is available here.

  • Poetry - The Poetry of 'An Infinite Voyage'; presented as it was on the original website
  • Short Stories - Short Stories; the adventures of Ceylo Krinn, mercenary of the Blade of Enric
  • Novels - Mysterious Strangers, Children who Hide, Middle-Aged Time Travel, and more Ceylo Krinn