I am, first and foremost, a writer. I love to write, as this website attests to. I'm not terribly skilled at the business end of this craft, mind you: all of the works below are currently unpublished, though one of them may soon become market available. But I do love to write!

The following selections provide you with a chance to read the first two-thirds of some of my manuscripts. All of them are mainstream thrillers; inspired loosely by real life events and heavily flavored by my own views and theories on Life, the Universe, and Everything. The 'Ceylo Krinn' novel will take you to a page where you can download some sample chapters, read the novel teaser text, or follow a link to purchase the novel from amazon.com.

I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to contact me, either using the 'Contact the Author' link on the left side menu or by using the website Forum, and let me know your thoughts on them, afterwards. I am a writer and, yes, unpublished; but I thrive on constructive criticism and feedback.

Ceylo Krinn and the Fourth Faction is the story of a young half-elven maiden who escapes from a life of abject slavery and embarks on a grand, life-long crusade to return to the land of her youth and find her missing younger brother. In a land where half-elves are hated and intimate relations between humans and elvenkind are frowned upon, she must disguise her true nature and enlist the assistance of those once considered enemies in order to complete her quest.

Does the young warrior maiden have the neccessary skills and courage to accomplish her mission? Will she be able to spot the false friends around her who are trying to see her fail?

Use the options provided on this page to preview the novel back cover text, download a PDF file with sample chapters of the novel, or to purchase the novel in eBook/Kindle or paperback format from amazon.com.

Skaala tells the tale of an epic conflict between a corrupt but very wealthy businessman trying to establish a new gambling casino in a small Connecticut community and the strange, enigmatic, transient farm worker with an 'invisible friend' who tries to stop him. Caught in the middle of these two foes is a young, beautiful reporter, Jessica Hendrickson. The battle between these two threatens to tear her fragile life in two and destroy an entire rural community in the process, yet somehow she is the unlikely key to causing either the salvation or the destruction of her home and all she loves.

The Chamelon Club is a suspense-filled story with some very unlikely heroes. The novel tells the tale of a group of abused children living in a small Connecticut community who band together and try to win back the respect and love of their parents by tracking and capturing a serial killer who is terrorizing their neighborhood.

The problem with their quest is a tough one: the serial killer is murdering children and the members of the club are themselves considered suspects in the murders...

The Ivory Gate is a highly charged, surreal tale of sexual obsession and one man's attempt to draw his own middle-aged fantasies kicking and screaming back into the real world around him. Opposing him are two strong-willed and very determined women: His wife who, after their marriage crumbles to pieces, decides she will track him down, win him back, and save him from his fantasies, and a second woman, his dream temptress, who is just as determined to keep him away from reality, at all costs.

This novel, unlike the three listed above, was never finished: the entire text is available here. WARNING: This story is extremely sexually explicit; reader's discretion is advised...