A young half-elven child named 'Ceylo' and her little brother are captured by mercenaries during an attack on their tiny village and sold into slavery. The child is seperated from her brother and shipped across the southern sea where she is forced into humiliating abuse and servitude at the hands of her captors. Yet, through all of this, the young girl dreams of the day when she can escape her bonds and find herself reunited with her long lost brother.

One day, Ceylo gets her chance at freedom. While visiting the desert city of Algeciras, she vanishes from the midst of a crowded marketplace, slips away from her 'family', and boards a trading vessel on route to a strange new land known as 'Niadelle'. For the next eight years, Ceylo searches throughout this beautiful country for her brother. She trains as a mercenary warrior and learns the deadly art of dual blade attacks. She studies old documents and histories at every opportunity, always preparing herself for the inevitable day when she would stumble across the first real clue to his location.

Then, finally, she remembers a name from her youth. The evil army that had butchered her family had been chanting a name during their bloodlust. Surely, that name belonged to the evil man responsible for the murder of her family. When, while visiting a local tavern near the village of Laidlaw, Ceylo hears this name again, she leaps into action and the epic adventure of her life finally begins.

The name she hears in the tavern is 'Aganaar', and he is the leader of a group of warriors known as 'The Blade of Justice'...

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