The Bloody Bitch

Welcome to the tales of Ceylo Krinn the mercenary!

Ceylo Krinn is a player character in the popular online fantasy game 'Dark Age Of Camelot', by Mythic Entertainment. Since her inception in the game, she has been a member of various roleplaying guilds located in the kingdom of Albion on the Percival game server, including 'The Blade of Enric' (now defunct) and 'Solace'.

Now alone in Albion, abandoned by her once devoted husband and all but a few precious friends now lost to her, Ceylo struggles as a lone warrior in a new quest: to find meaning from the tortured events of her past, and a road to fulfillment and purpose in the future.

The fictional stories found on this site, and most of the characters within them, are all based on people and events that took place during actual play of the 'Dark Age of Camelot' online roleplaying game.

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  • About Ceylo will provide a brief background of Ceylo Krinn.

  • Beginnings provides a list of fictional tales concerning Ceylo's beginnings with the Blade of Enric

  • Broken Blade tells a griping story about the disappearance of Lord Anrion Allandril, the leader of the Blade, and the attempt by Ceylo and other members of the guild to locate and return him safely to Camelot.

  • The Search lists tales about Ceylo's ongoing search for her missing brother, Andur

  • Enjoy your time with Ceylo Krinn and her friends! We fervently hope that your time with these tales will bring you much reading pleasure. Feel free to write the author of Ceylo's stories, using the 'Contact the Author' function on the left menu, and let us know what you think of them!

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